Alfalab in Oxford

At this week’s fifth IEEE e-Science conference, held in Oxford, UK from Dec 9-11, Alfalab and its membersĀ  are presenting a paper in the Art, Humanities and e-Social Science theme. This paper is entitled Alfalab, Construction and Deconstruction of a Digital Humanities Experiment, by Joris van Zundert (Huygens Institute), Douwe Zeldenrust (Meertens Institute) and Anne Beaulieu (VKS).

The paper willĀ  be published in the proceedings, and here is the abstract:

This paper presents project ‘Alfalab’. Alfalab is a collaborative frame work project of the Royal
Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). It explores the success and fail factors for virtual
research collaboration and supporting digital infrastructure in the Humanities. It does so by
delivering a virtual research environment engineered through a virtual R&D collaborative and by drawing in use cases and feedback from Humanities researchers from two research fields: textual
historical text research and historical GIS-application. The motivation for the project is found in a number of commonly stated factors that seem to be inhibiting general application of virtualized research
infrastructure in the Humanities. The paper outlines the project’s motivation, key characteristics and
implementation. One of the pilot applications is described in greater detail.

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