Presentation at Open Annotation Workshop in Chicago

DANS is invited to present the Open Annotation Demonstrator of Alfalab at the OAC Workshop which will be held on 24 –25 March in Chicago, IL. Goal of this workshop is to “examine, comment on, and provide feedback on how well the OAC data model and framework intersects (or fails to intersect) with domain-specific needs for scholarly annotation services and with existing discipline or repository-specific annotation tools and services” (
The purpose of the Open Annotation Demonstrator is to show how the OAC framework and its underlying Linked Data principles allow annotations coming from different systems to be exchanged and aggregated. This in turn can allow central management of your annotation, but also sharing or even analyzing them.  The demonstrator will feature:
  • Annotations from at least Textlab and Geolab
  • Exchange as Open Annotations
  • Central browsing, searching an presentation
  • Connect related annotations
  • Connect external information via Linked Data
As the demonstrator will not yet be fully implemented, DANS will demonstrate its current results and issues and collect feedback from other participants.

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