Smiljana Antonijevic


Smiljana Antonijevic received her PhD in Rhetoric and Communication from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities; she holds an MA degree in Social Anthropology, and BA degrees in Social Anthropology and in Music. Her research interests intersect the areas of communication, culture, and technology, specifically focusing on socio-cultural aspects of information and communication technologies.

Within the VKS Alfalab research team, Smiljana explores theoretical approaches, initiatives, projects, research methods and instruments in the area of digital humanities. She also conducts a fieldwork study, which includes on-site observation of user interaction with the Alfalab demonstrators, as well as site visits and interviews with national and international experts and expert teams in the area of digital humanities.

Smiljana’s previous research includes work on subjects such as: nonverbal communication in virtual environments (Information, Communication, and Society, 2008); digital rhetoric (The Sage Handbook of Rhetorical Studies, 2008); blogging (American Behavioral Scientist, 2008; Into the Blogosphere, 2004); virtual ethnicity and intercultural communication online (Internet Research Annual, 2004); virtual communities (First Monday, 2002).

For the past five years, Smiljana has been teaching courses in Internet Communication and Professional Communication at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, where she has also been engaged as a researcher in the Internet Studies Center and the Institute for New Media Studies.

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